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25 Bulk Toothbrushes

Sold by Oasis Fresh


A toothbrush grip that is specially designed than a regular toothbrush for your convenience. This toothbrush has a handle that is long enough for you to hold it comfortably in your hand.

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  • ✅EASY-TO-OPEN TRAVEL PACKAGING – Our toothbrushes come individually wrapped for your convenience when traveling, it requires no cutting or having to deal with toothbrush covers that take up space.
  • ✅ PERFECT FOR TRAVELERS – Our disposable toothbrushes are perfect for camping, traveling, business trips and anyone that is on the go! Use them as little or as long as you need to, and you can just toss them away when you are finished.
  • ✅ MULTIPLE USES – Our individually wrapped toothbrushes were designed to be used multiple times, even up to weeks! You will be astonished by how long our toothbrushes last compared to our competitors.
  • ✅EXCELLENT VALUE – We provide a low-cost option for everyday use and for your travel needs. Our toothbrushes are designed to last, and with a sturdy rubber handle they can be used over and over again.
  • ✅GREAT VARIETY OF COLORS – Each 25 Pack comes with a variety of colors so you don’t mistake your brush with your friends or family members. Give your favorite color to your child or pass this along to a friend when going on adventures.

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