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Bertolli Extra Light Olive Oil (2 L)

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Why We Love This

This olive oil does it all. Its neutral taste won’t overpower your foods and a higher smoke point allows you to bake, sauté, grill and fry as you please.

About this item

  • Mild, neutral-tasting olive oil
  • High-heat cooking with a smoke point of 468°F
  • Perfect for sautéing, frying and baking

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With a neutral taste that doesn’t overpower your foods, Bertolli Extra Light Olive Oil makes it a breeze to cook up quality meals for the family. Use it for pasta and more.

Why Use Bertolli Extra Light Olive Oil?

This extra light olive oil has a higher smoke point that allows you to use it for grilling, sautéing, baking and frying. Its mild taste won’t overwhelm delicate foods. Certified non-GMO, this olive oil doesn’t contain any sodium, cholesterol or trans fat. It comes in a convenient plastic bottle that’s easy to store on a pantry shelf or in a kitchen cabinet. This product is also 120 calories per tablespoon and has a clear color.

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