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DampRid Hanging Moisture Absorber, Fresh Scent, 4 pk.

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A low-maintenance and hassle-free way to keep closets, basements and pantries dry and free of musty odors, DampRid Hanging Bag attracts and traps excess moisture out of the air, collecting water particles in a secure pouch. De-humidify closets and small spaces without the hassle of batteries or electric machines. DampRid Hanging Bags are conveniently sized and designed to have a large impact without taking up a large amount of space. DampRid hanging bags do not excessively dry out rooms, but remove excess moisture in air to protect fabrics, paper and leather from potential moisture damage caused by humid conditions. DampRid hanging bags should be replaced when Calcium Chloride crystals in the upper section have dissolved. Fresh Scent fragrance quickly replaces musty smells. Hang a DampRid Moisture Absorber Bag in a stored RV, closet, dorm room or pantry to keep air fresh and clean. Keep out of reach of children. Read and follow all label directions. Cannot be used in moving vehicles.

Product Features:

  • DampRid eliminates the need for expensive electric humidifiers with a battery-free, electricity-free and maintenance-free solution
  • DampRid Moisture Bags eliminate musty odors at the source by removing excess moisture from damp, stagnant air
  • Use in a closet, bathroom, storage area, laundry room, shed, pool house, coat closet, RV camper, locker room and more to remove moisture and dampness, removing musty smells and odors
  • Pack comes with 4, 16-ounce DampRid bags to freshen up multiple areas at once or have replacements handy

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