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Downy Defy Damage Total-Wash Conditioning Beads Fresh Scent 18oz


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Stretching. Fading. Fuzzing. Clothes are exposed to a lot of damage in the washing machine. Instead of avoiding laundry or having anxiety every time you wash, give your clothes the protection they can’t live without. Downy DEFY Damage Total-Wash Conditioning Beads protect fabrics from stretching, fading and fuzz.

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  • Get total-wash protection, with consistent use, from stretching, fading and fuzzing with Downy DEFY Damage fabric softener beads
  • Keeps clothes looking newer, longer (vs. detergent alone) when used over time, by protecting them from damage that can happen in every wash cycle
  • Easy to use: Just scoop conditioning beads and toss in washing machine along with your favorite laundry detergent
  • Compatible with top- and front-loading washing machines of all kinds and pairs well with detergents, scent beads, and fabric conditioners
  • Fresh fabric conditioner softens and freshens with its light, breezy scent

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Weight 1 lbs

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