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Evian Water 750ml Plastic (Sports Cap) – Case of 12

Sold by Oasis Fresh

Sold By Young’s Fine Wine & Spirits


Evian is the #1 Natural Mineral Water in the world and the perfect partner to fine dining. On its 15-year journey through an ancient glacial filter deep in the heart of the French Alps, Evian slowly buy surely acquires a unique mineral balance. 
Bottled right at the source, Evian remains completely untouched by man throughout the process.

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  • NATURAL HYDRATION: evian’s bottled water starts off nestled in the French Alps before delivering natural hydration and naturally occurring electrolytes. It’s a great way to rehydrate post-workout, or as a refreshing drink on your lunch break or commute
  • OUR NATURAL SPRING WATER has a balanced mineral composition and naturally occurring electrolytes that give it a distinctive, smooth taste, unique among bottled waters. It’s the perfect rehydrating beverage, delicious either cold or at room temperature

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