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Hotec UHF Dual Wireless Karaoke Microphone

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These professional wireless dynamic handheld microphones offer a great frequency response with a cardiod pickup pattern to isolate the primary sound source and minimize background noise, it offers pristine vocal sound.

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  • FULL COMPATIBILITY: Connect the receiver to the 1/4” mic input of your sound device for voice projection. Volume will be adjusted from the audio device end.
  • STAGE SOUND QUALITY: High quality sound transmission, clear voice and without feedback, free from distortion. This handheld wireless microphone is designed for vocal use in live performance and sound reinforcement.
  • EXTRA LARGE BATTERY CAPACITY: Both microphones and the receiver are powered by large capacity rechargeable battery. The working hour can be 10-15 hours at one full charge of about 4 hours.
  • SUPPORT MULTIPLE SETS WORKING TOGETHER: The UHF technology in this handheld microphone allows you to use maximum 32 sets together without interference with each other when each set is working on a different frequency.
  • MULTI-USE APPLICATIONS: Perfect choice for karaoke party, DJ, wedding host, church, business meetings, classroom activities, outdoor or onstage performances.

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