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Pacific Foods Low Sodium Organic Beef Broth, 32oz

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Cattle that is humanely raised on organic pastures is what makes our Organic Beef Broth as good as it gets. We simmer our broth with onions, garlic, and a touch of sea salt for a rich flavor that’s ideal as a base for soups, risottos and pasta dishes. Fat-free and gluten-free. At Pacific Foods, we’re proud of using simple recipes and clean ingredients sourced as close to home as possible. We steer clear of preservatives, additives and GMOs and always will. Our mission is to nourish every body, one meal at a time.

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  • Full flavored meaty broth made from organic beef raised on a strict vegetarian diet
  • Use as a base for soups, risottos and pasta dishes
  • Fat-free and gluten-free, Low Sodium, high quality ingredients
  • Convenient resealable, twist open carton
  • Refrigerate after opening and use within 7 to 10 days

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Weight 2 lbs

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