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TheraBand Intermediate FlexBar


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Proven to rebuild strength for those suffering from lateral epicondylitis, the TheraBand® Intermediate FlexBar offers up to 15 lbs. of force to reduce soreness while focusing on toning your shoulders, forearms, and upper extremities.

Rehabilitative Relief
Proven to relieve elbow pain by 81%
Targets muscles in your elbows, forearms, and hands to rebuild strength
Resistance style training helps to softly manipulate tissue without causing re-injury

Minimal Equipment, Maximum Results
Bar flexes and twists to build forearm, shoulder, hand, and elbow strength
Offers up to 15 lbs. of resistance
Tested to increase strength in your elbow’s tendons by 72%
Ideal for athletes in tennis, golf, and baseball who perform constant swinging motions

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Key Details
Rehabilitative FlexBar
Ideal for recovering from injuries associated with tennis elbow
Dry rubber design allows you to flex, twist, and oscillate to engage various parts of your arms and shoulders
Includes instructions for helpful exercises and tips to maximize results
Tension: Light
Weight: 15 lbs.
Measurement: 12’’ Length, 1 ½’’ Diameter


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Weight 1 lbs

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