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Wodka Vodka 1L

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Tasting Notes:
Wodka Vodka is a crisp, clean, and mixable vodka. There are noticable accents of rye as well as hints of minerality in each sip. Perfect as a base in your favorite cocktails.

ABV: 40%

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The concept of Wodka came from an old bottle seen sitting on a display shelf at the Polmos Bialystock distillery in Eastern Poland. Polmos was a Polish state-owned monopoly that controlled the spirits market. Founded in the late 1920s, it was the leading vodka producer in Poland, mostly because the communist authorities forced all distilleries to become a part of the monopoly. The bottle that was found was pale blue with a tattered paper label indicating, simply “Wodka”. This simple design and off-center, hand-stamped price screamed “old work and authentic” – a minimalism that led to the creation of a new brand of “Wodka”.

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