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Zote Laundry Bar Soap Pink – 14.1oz

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Discover a laundry secret with Zote Laundry Bar Soap. Zote is a staple throughout Central and Latin America, used for everything from creating homemade laundry detergents to superior stain removal. Zote bar soap is made in Mexico, featuring an ultra-concentrated formula that’s packed with fatty acid that removes even the toughest stains. The bar formula contains a minimum of 66 percent fatty acids, which makes it an outstanding pre-treatment for greasy, oily stains. It also features coconut oil, which helps get linens delightfully soft. The pink laundry soap can be used for hand washing linens, as well as used in conjunction with your favorite liquid or powder laundry detergent. To use as a pre-treatment, simply moisten and apply to stains; allow to sit for at least an hour before adding treated textiles to your regular laundry cycle. Each bar contains 14.1 oz.
Zote Laundry Bar Soap Pink, 14.1 oz:

  • Formulated with fatty acid salts and optical brighteners
  • Zote laundry soap is enriched with coconut oil
  • Pre-treats stains
  • Use for hand washing delicate fabrics
  • Made in Mexico
  • Pink laundry soap ideal for serious stain removal; can be used with your favorite liquid or powder laundry detergent for effortless regular use
  • Can be used for making homemade laundry detergent
  • 14.1 oz bar

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 3 in

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